Atlas Inspired quilling...

This has been one of my most favourite pieces to work on.  The client and I came up with the idea together and it was really great to collaborate like that. She was really into the book "Atlas Shrugged" and the mythos of Atlas.  I wanted it to look like the text "Atlas" was holding up the world.  In the 1920's there was some great architectural details inspired by this same myth and I couldn't help but be inspired by that. The shaping of the clouds and the text all came from those details.
I went with a really bright palette because it made me happy and I didn't want it to seem just blue, (which it could have easily been had I just done the sky blue and white). So I chose to do more of a sunset tone with the clouds.
Hope you like it..


  1. This is super gorgeous. Love the cheerful colours. Love all your work.

  2. Great concept and execution. Love it Michelle!

  3. This is sooo amazing ! Love your execution :)


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