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Monday, May 27, 2013

Snow! Woops, wrong season...

Hello, I know this piece is a little weird in timing but here I go anyway! I created this piece sometime ago, but as you may have noticed it has taken me awhile to post on here so I am doing it now!   This piece was created for someone who loved snow. ( By the end of this winter, I did not feel that way at all!) However, she loved it and loved skiing, and being out in the snow.  I wanted to create a piece that had a bit of movement and reflected the different aspects of snow.
So I included icicles, snowflakes, piles of snow and snowy mountains.  I had played around with actually doing a little tiny skier on the mountain but it just didn't read well that small.

I know it's the wrong season to appreciated it but perhaps we can think lovingly of snow in the future...

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