A Quiller Horn

 In my life I have had many artistic passions, Art as one, and Music definitely as another.  I can't say that I have every played any horned instruments, as I was a clarinet player and singer in school, but I have always had a love for it's sound.  Sometimes it is easy to forget how simple it is to turn a day that's gone poorly into a day of reflection and ease when you listen to the right kind of music.
So,  I have started a series on music and how it makes me feel. Focusing mainly on the instruments and using abstract forms to demonstrate my emotional attachment to the sound they create.  There will be several more pieces in the series.  I can't say how many there will be as I very much love creating them but that there will be more!
This piece will also be featured in the Gallery 96 show "For the Love of Paper" at Factory 163 in Stratford, ON, from Sept 21st to the 29th.


  1. It looks great! I wish I could see it straight on though - it's kinda hard to make out the intricacies of the trumpet from the side.


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