A Quiller Violin

 This Violin is part of my newest set of pieces around Music.  I have always been passionate about music and art. This series is a reflection of how listening to music connects with my emotions.  I can't say I am a person who always listens to classical music, but when I do, I can easily lose myself in it, my imagination swirling around me with the images that listening to it creates. I love the sense of the dramatic that seems to ooze out of it.
 This piece will be featured in an Art Show at Gallery 96 "For the love of Paper" at Factory 163 in Stratford, ON, from Sept 21st - 29th.


  1. thanks for the front on shot this time! Your patience with little pieces of paper continues to amaze me! the few times I have tried quilling, the intricacy of it drove me crazy!

  2. Stunning!! Congratulations on being featured in the gallery show!


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