A Quiller Scotty Dog

 I had this idea to create some pieces that used an animal silhouette accompanied by the sound that they created.  I drew up about 15 different sketches and this is the one I liked the most so I went with it.  I might like it the most because it is a Scotty Dog and I have a Scotty. And boy, does my Scotty bark! He also "Harumphs" but that was a bit silly I thought.
 I played around with different ideas to fill in the silhouette but eventually it came down to what a lot of our accessories for my Scottish pup look like ; plaid.  I didn't really follow any specific plaid, because I was not sure how this was going to work out exactly but it's pretty simple looking, however it was actually pretty difficult to fill it all in. 
Look at them eyebrows!


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