"Love is" a Textatic Quilling piece

 This piece started as commission, I was asked to create a piece surrounding the words "Love is". I got a good idea and I went with it, but I realized a half day into it, that it really didn't represent what my client wanted.  So I stopped working on this and began working on something else for her, however I then went back and finished this.  I sold this piece at an Auction to raise funds for a program that I have talked about before on my blog, The Es Artes Project in Suchitoto, El Salvador.  I went down to El Salvador for 6 and a half weeks to teach kids at an Art school down there. It was a life changing experience for me, so I thought this piece fit very nicely with the fundraiser.

 I created this piece by starting with a watercolour of a rose, I then used similar coloured paper over top of the image to create the "almost invisible" effect of the lettering.  I really like this style and would love to do more pieces like it. Even if it did take a realllly long time!


  1. This is a beautiful concept on its own, and adding in that element with the rose and matching the colors of the quilling to the background is insanely gorgeous.


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