The Biggest Quilling piece I have made yet!

 This piece was a commission for a woman who wanted her and husband's initials quilled between a yin/ying of fire and water. This piece is really kind of neat because it is actually a tattoo that both of them share.  This piece is HUGE for me. It is way bigger than I have ever created before, and took me a loooooonnnngg time to create!
 I used watercolour first, so that the colours were really saturated.  I especially wanted the black to read really black. I then painted everything to look like flames and water before I started any of the quillng. 
 This was a really neat piece to create and figuring out how to ship it was equally a conundrum. I create my pieces on matte board, but the size of this was 36" x 18" and I desperately didn't want any warping to happen in shipping, so I created a foam core box for it, then put two cardboard square tube boxes flat across the back that kept it rigid.  When the client received it she said it was like Fort Knox to get into, but at least it got there safe!


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