Commedia Masks for a Friend

 I created a set of masks for a friend of mine that was also part of a grant that I received from my work.  I created 24 masks which was kind of nutty, ( Sooo many at one time in my tiny studio space)  so I painted them three different ways, I call the colour schemes, chocolate, dusty road and red velvet.  I was given four characters that were to be created and a lot of free reign so these are what I came up with. The top mask above is the character Pantalone. Who is typically an older gentleman with business skills of some kind, often with money, or someone who used to have a lot of money...
 This above is Tartaglia, He or She is an old dainty character that sometimes has a stutter, usually is a lawyer or notary of some sort.
 This is my Arlechino, He is usually played as a dim-witted fellow, who is always hungry and is a bit of a buffoon.
And Here is my La Ruffiana. She is an old woman and her profession differs; sometimes an old prostitute, or sometimes an old mother or town gossip.
Although the characters typically are male or female I tried to keep them somewhat gender neutral. I hope that my friend and his students enjoy working with these masks as much as I enjoyed making them.


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