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Peace for always, oh and seahorses too.

A little bit of Quillling and a whole lot of watercolour - a Mountainous wedding gift

Featured in Dasherie Magazine!

Quiller Mandala - reflection time.

Full of mind, or not at all...

20 Sweet years...

Tutorial for a Mot mot Bird pinata!!! for a Fundraiser you should come to!

Lover Ducky you're the one!

A Crunchy Mountain.

Floral Quilling for Glade Run

Glade Run Logo Quilling

The birds of hope are everywhere, listen to them sing.

Change can do you good.

Acceptance is a wonderful thing

A Quiller Sacred Feather

Quiller Dragon!

Quiller Logo

Quiller Ocean Currents...

Quiller Sax...

The Quiller Scales of Justice!