Quiller Logo

 This piece is very large at 18 x 36 and was created for a company's office.  This is the logo for the company Plant Therapy,  which I was very happy to make for them. 

This is a picture of the piece still in progress.  Though it is difficult to see in the picture I used a variety of greys inside the text in interesting patterns.  I also used watercolour for the background of this piece, which I really think finishes the pieces in a way that I find much more satisfying than just using paper. 

If you are interested in having the logo of your company quilled, contact me on my etsy site, ACOCC.


  1. this is soo beautiful... hope one day i can quill like u... :) i recently did one logo quilling, did not come out quite well... but i think its ok for a first time

    let me know what u think ;)


  2. This one is my FAVOURITE one! I love the leaf!


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