Lover Ducky you're the one!

This is probably the oddest piece I have ever created.  This piece was created for a family who's father had gotten remarried and they wanted to celebrate the two families coming together. I understand from the messages that both the husband and wife were characters and they were interested in some fascinating hobbies. The husband really liked fixing up this awesome car and the wife had an extensive rubber ducky collection.  So that's how ended up with the images in this piece.

Hey man, who am I to judge? I've got a lot of Scotty Dog Paraphernalia...

I drew this and I was going to quill the car and the ducky as well, but they just didn't read as nice as when they were in just watercolour so this is how the piece ended up. After drawing this car, I applaud the people who can draw cars so easily. It's quite challenging especially when literally this is the first detailed drawing and watercolour of a car I have ever done.

Anyhoo, I wish the happy couple, happy days for the years to come.


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