Tutorial for a Mot mot Bird pinata!!! for a Fundraiser you should come to!

This Pinata was created for a Silent Auction for a Fundraising event happening on Oct. 6th, at the Tom Patterson theatre in Stratford, Ontario.  The event is being held to raise funds for a school and theatre in Suchitoto, El Salvador, where they are creating a theatre so that they can bring in tourism, keep the kids away from gangs and to promote the arts in that country. For more information please check out the Suchitoto Cabaret facebook page. You can also buy tickets at the Stratford Festival Website. So please come and if not at least check it out and perhaps donate!

 Inside the pinata will be Latin American Candies which I had to go to Toronto to get! I would have liked to find purely El Salvadorean but they are not readily available in Canada.


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