Full of mind, or not at all...

 This piece was a bit of a triumph. I say this because I did it twice.  The first time, I finished it and sent it off, only to become aware that "Mindfullness", is in fact spelled Mindfulness with one "L".  It was embarrassing and ironic, because I was in fact, not being mindful as I created the piece.  It was very humbling and it taught me a lot of lessons.  One thing is for sure, I will be checking and triple checking my spelling on everything. It has also shown me the importance of sharing my sketches with the client before I send it out, that way they have approval before I carry through the labour intensive part of quilling. 
It has also shown me that life is more fragile than you think. I was going through a rough patch in my life, and I had thought that I was doing all right, but clearly my life problems were spilling into my work. This also became evident in my day job as well. However, How can a person know how they will deal with stress or grief until they experience it? I learned for myself one of the results of being under that kind of duress is that things slip through the cracks.  I was lucky to have such a patient and understanding client while this was going on and she is quite happy with the pieces now that they are correct!  

 I do still really like this piece, and I think, I liked it even better the second time around. 


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