A little bit of Quillling and a whole lot of watercolour - a Mountainous wedding gift

 This piece was commissioned and created as a gift for a wedding. The happy couple got engaged on a mountain and later got married on a mountain as well. Some people are so much more adventurous than me! But kudos and Congratulations to them!  This is the mountain in which they wed and obviously, their names. Originally, I was going to paper quill the whole piece, but after doing a piece similar to this I realized that sometimes quilling works better with things that are close up, rather than a lot of fine detail in the distance,as a lot of the details and depth gets lost the further out you go. It's necessary to generalize the space which I didn't want to do with this.  So, I created the watercolour intending to quill over it like I usually do, but I liked it so much I realized quilling would kind of defer from the image so I left it at that and just quilled the names.  I have not painted a lot of watercolour landscapes, very few, in fact so this took me a long time and was very challenging, however so much fun! I am really happy with the results and intend to make this something I do more of in the future!


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