Peace for always, oh and seahorses too.

This piece was created to be featured in Dasherie Magazine's winter edition, it is on the back cover of the magazine, which is pretty exciting. I love the focus on "peace" in this creation. There is so much turbulence and chaos in this world right now that the focus on peace and resolution feels like the right kind of energy to send out into the world. I wish all of my readers peace and joy over this holiday season and always.

Creating this piece was a challenge as it was all in one colour on a light blue/teal background. This presented a difficulty in that I wanted the piece to have different areas of definition, but couldn't use my typical aid, watercolour, to create that.  So, I cut out some letters and raised them up, so that the text would have the punch it needed to really stand out. 
 The Snowflakes were quite challenging as they were extremely specific geometric angles.  As I went it became clear that this section would be the most time consuming and  meticulous part of the piece.  I did this part in stages because it drove me crazy.


  1. Beautiful! I really admire your talent for intricate accuracy!

  2. Michelle, the piece is astonishing! I really like your quilling! That's great you managed imply it in business :)


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