Puppet heads! the line of Banquo..

Here are a series of puppet heads, I did rather quickly but they are really quite fun for teaching purposes. These are based on the kings referred to by the witches in Macbeth, where he is shown the line of heirs that will be king. These are my kings...

I will be helped by students to make crowns and capes and scepters, but I am still working on their bodies... which will come soon..

I sculpted them on top of Dollar store skulls with celluclay. Which is both an aggravating and interesting medium to work in.  It's like sculpting with tuna. So these are my tuna heads.


  1. I love them! The fellow on the bottom row, second left looks a bit Van Gogh-ish to me. P.S. Sculpting with tuna! I must try celluclay now.


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